About Gary Heads

I’m a bestselling author of books with a leaning towards spirituality and nature, I get it from my grandmother. There is never a book without a dog, or a cat, wandering somewhere between the pages.

I’ve been a piano player, and a meditation teacher. I like to think that within my books are little snippets of wisdom, little gems picked up along life’s journey.

In 2019 The Enlightened Spaniel – A Dog’s Quest to be a Buddhist was published. It has become an international bestseller and has to date been translated in five languages.

In 2020 the second book of The Enlightened Spaniel Trilogy – The Cat with One Life Left was published. The final book, The Stone of Truth followed in 2021.

My latest book A Gift for a Curious Mind will be published in the near future.

I continue to live in North East England and take my inspiration from the stunning landscapes and wildlife that bless the area. There is always a story hidden in the present moment – if you pay attention.